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In Adults...

Identity Theft - What to Do If Your Identity Is Stolen

"'I don’t remember opening that credit card account.
And I certainly didn’t buy those items I’m being billed for.'

"Guess what? You didn’t open that account, but someone else did...someone who used your name and personal information to commit fraud. When an imposter uses your name, your social security number (SSN), your credit card number, or some other piece of your personal information for their use, without your knowledge, it’s a crime."

Read More at the Florida Attorney General Office's Web Site.

In Emergencies...

Tips for Creating an Emergency Safety Kit

"U.S. homeland security officials aren't the only ones operating under a heightened state of alert.

"Since the September 11 terrorist attacks, many Americans have adopted their own homeland security measures.

"In a 'worst case scenario' world, the thinking goes, the best way to sleep well at night is to follow that old Boy Scout motto and be prepared..."

Read More at the Web Site.


Bringing Food Safety
Help with Foreign Purchases

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